About Us

About Kelly's Boutique

Kelly’s Boutiques started as many small businesses do, as a dream. A Dream that Kelly has had since she was in her teens. That dream finally came to fruition at the beginning of 2019, and the first store just launched. Kelly’s Boutiques started as a branch of her husbands apparel business and realized quickly they she had something. Something much bigger and more attractive than his business (HA HA!) For Kelly, her dream had come true, and for her poor husband Jeremy, tons of marketing and labor.

Now the husband and wife duo, work together on the up and coming business. Kelly handles the designing, and coordinating all of the purchasing. Jeremy is behind the scenes working on marketing, and building the next website. Kelly’s main focus has been, and will always be promoting the belief that all women should feel great about themselves. Clothes make Kelly feel that way, and wants every customer of Kelly’s Boutiques to feel the same no matter what size you are. Fashion reflects a big part of you, and how you feel. This is why Kelly works tirelessly on finding the newest, hip and trendy styles for all of her customers. Kelly’s Boutiques is committed to nurturing long lasting relationships with her tribe both online and offline. She would love to help YOU find YOUR style today!